Bourbon Tunnel | Naples, Italy

The world is full of forgotten places. Some of them are in fairly large cities. One of them is a tunnel with a vintage car at Naples, Italy. The entrance to this place is not far from Piazza del Plebiscito. At a depth of 30 meters is very tunnel Bourbon, which houses rare cars. The history of this place long enough and interesting.

Bourbon Tunnel Naples Italy

Bourbon tunnel was built in the mid 17th century. It was originally created for the evacuation of the Royal Palace of Ferdinand II of Bourbon. This ruler was very paranoid, which led to the construction of this tunnel. The fact that Ferdinand II of Bourbon was overthrown in 1848. Returning to power in 1849 Bourbon decided to start an intricate construction. The king gave the order to create a tunnel passing under the streets of Naples, through the system of water supply. However, Ferdinand II of Bourbon, died May 22, 1859 and since the place was abandoned.


Early 1930s, the tunnel was abandoned and not used. In the early 1930s it was decided to use the unfinished area as a warehouse confiscated and contraband vehicles. After the Second World War it was used as a hospital and bomb shelters. When World War II ended, the tunnel remains a lot of trash, broken various techniques, fragments of statues, etc. Most of this debris remained in the tunnel on this day. Today, all this rubbish was turned into a kind of gallery, called Galleria Borbonica. All this gallery supplement various vintage and rare cars and motorcycles.






Source — Understandingitaly, Lonelyplanet, Napoliunplugged @ Photos Galleriaborbonica,

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