Pigalle’s Colorful Basketball Court in Paris

The famous basketball has gotten a makeover on Rue Duperré in Paris. Pigalle and Nike have sports feature striking colors very nice overlap.

Since 2009 basketball Montmartre Duperré is a concept in Paris. That was the year that Pigalle and Nike for the first time the court gave pretty colors. In 2015, pictures of the basketball court entered the world when there was a new design which was based on a painting by Russian artist Kasimir Malevich.

Pigalle’s Colorful Basketball Court in Paris

Now it’s time for another update. The primary colors and surfaces are clear. Instead, you’ll see a basketball court in Technicolor. The chosen colors are not as bright as in the previous design, but still managed to achieve a striking effect.

The color palette includes among others yellow sunflowers and purple grapes (French how do you want it?) Nike Pigalle and enlisted the help I ‘ll Studio . The new design of Montmartre Duperré is the occasion of a new collection of shoes and clothing Pigalle with NikeLab

 placed on the market. In the collection are to be found some of the same colors as on the sports field. Photos source © Alex Penfornis and © Sébastien Michelini.


Source — itsnicethat.com hypebeast.com coolmaterial.com


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