Creative T-Shirts and bags Prints by Raubdruckerin, Pirate Printer from Berlin

The Berlin based collective artist Raubdruckerin is currently traveling through Europe. Along the way they make naturally beautiful prints of manhole covers and paving stones.

Raubdruckerin is German for female pirate printer. What they do is use objects in public space to print with t-shirts and bags. Everything they make, just happens on the street.

Creative T-Shirt Prints by Raubdruckerin, Pirates Printer from Belin

The beauty of the prints is that by limiting the resources are just very authentic. Texts are mirrored and paint arrested not equally good. Correct these shortcomings are a breath of fresh air at a time when almost all the images we see are manipulated to perfect pictures.

Raubdruckerin also shows that good design is sometimes just beneath our feet. The collection now consists of prints made in Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Athens. Via Facebook and Instagram you can follow what cities further be affected.


Source — Thisiscolossal Online raubdruckerin Shop


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