Treetop Experience — A unique viewing platform in the forests of Denmark

Modern design makes wonder more and more. Recently, the Danish architectural firm EFFEKT showed observation platform project in one of Denmark’s forests. Observation platform project was named Treetop Experience. The project will be implemented in the summer of 2018. Site is located in a protected forest Gisselfeld Klosters Skov, located an hour’s drive from Koppengagena.

Treetop Experience — A unique viewing platform in the forests of Denmark

Viewing platform is 600 meters long and is connected to the observation tower at a height of 45 meters. Paul and some other structural components are made of wood, which will be taken in the same forest. The frame is also made of steel. Visitors to the observation platform Treetop Experience could be anybody. Due to its construction, the building blends with the surrounding forest. At the top of the visitors will open stunning views of the Danish Forest and nature as a whole.








Source – DesignBoom

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