21 Best Ideas about Female Modeling Poses

If ever you run out of ideas, creativity comes to a standstill, or you just need the advice for shooting a female object, you can use the following examples of postures as a “cheat sheet”. Many professional photographers use similar techniques during preparation or immediately on shooting.

Posture, picked up in this article can be used as a starting point. You can also view them together with your model, especially if she does not have experience. When taking a picture confident discuss with your object is, what pose is suitable or not suitable for every situation. Usually it is very productive and allows both (you and your model) feel more confident in your actions. How to Pose at a Photo Shoot?

So , we begin :

female model poses for photography

1.       Very simple initial pose for a portrait. Ask your model to look at you over his shoulder. Please note that as it may look unusual and interesting portrait, if you just change the angle.Female-model-poses-for-photography-003

2. Usually, in the hands of portrait photography are invisible or, in any case, do not dominate. However, you may have something creative, if you ask the model to play hands, trying different positions in the head and face. But remember: no direct palms should show both sides of the hands.


3. I’m sure you are familiar with the composition law as the rule of thirds. You can get a nice effect in a similar way, using the diagonal. Remember, it is not necessary to always keep the camera under perfect right angle. Do not be afraid to turn it, you might get an interesting and unusual perspective.


4. It is very sweet and beautiful posture – when the model is sitting. Your knees should touch each other. Just need to shoot from above.


5. One more open and attractive posture – a model lying on the ground. You also have to go down and make a shot from almost ground level.


6. A variation on the theme underlying the model. Both hands should rest on your elbows. It works well outdoors, for example on the grass or a flowering meadow.Female-model-poses-for-photography-008

7. Simple basic pose which looks absolutely stunning. Remove from the floor. Then try to take pictures of gradually moving around the model. Also ask the model to change the position of the head and hands.


8. Another simple, but beautiful pose for the model from any figure. Try a different location of the hands and feet. And do not forget to focus on the eyes!Female-model-poses-for-photography-010

9. Very beautiful posture . Well-suited for all types of surfaces, for example, the model can lie on the bed, on the ground, on the grass, sandy beach. Shoot from a very low angle and focus on the eyes.

female model poses for photography

10. Beautiful and simple pose for a model sitting on the ground.


11. Another simple and friendly attitude for the model sitting on the ground. Try different angles and angles shooting.Female-model-poses-for-photography-013

12. A wonderful way to show the beauty of the model’s body . It can be used as a posture silhouette against a bright background.


13. Simple and natural posture . Many variations . Ask the model to turn around, experiment with different hand position and inclination of the head.


14. Simple and elegant posture. Model turned slightly to the side, hands in back pockets.


15. The small forward lean can be a very attractive pose. This is a subtle way to emphasize the shape of the model.


16. Sensual pose. Hands raised to the head, stress curves of the body. Fits models with a slender figure.


17. Perhaps an infinite number of variations on the pose in full growth . Presented pose – only the original version. Ask the model to turn around , change the position of the hands , the direction of the head and eyes .


18. The relaxed posture: standing model, leaning back against the wall. Remember that the model can be used not only for the wall to lean on her back, she can also put your hands on her or lean leg.


19. Note that the position of a full-length – is very specific and only looks good with a sporty and slender physique. Tips for posing simple: the body is curved like the letter the S , hands relaxed, the body weight shifted to one leg.


20. The refined pose for slim and athletic models. Many variations. In order to find a better position, ask the model slowly without stopping to change the position of the body and hands. When you see a good option, ask the model to stand still and take a few pictures. Repeat this throughout the entire set.


21. It is very romantic and tender pose. Any type of tissue (even curtain) may be used. Not necessarily to the entire back was completely bare. Sometimes only open shoulder may look great.

So , you have to start . I hope that you will find at least a couple of poses for use in various photo shoots. Always remember that these postures – a starting point, each of them has an infinite number of variations! Be creative and adjust the poses as you need (for example, try new perspectives and ask the model to change the location of the arms, legs, head, etc.)

Source – digital-photography

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