‘Black Barbie’ Lola Chuil — Stunningly beauty with a unique appearance

16 years old Lola Chuil from New York, she become famous on the internet, through her Instagram, titled ‘The Black Hannah Montana‘ ,

'Black Barbie' — Stunningly Beauty with a unique appearance

Black Barbie Lola Chuil — In addition to the photos, which show a teenage girl any of her own age, Lola’s Instagram is full of empowered messages and self-love.

“I just wanted to tell my black schoolmates that they do not give the boys a ball,” she writes in a paper. “

I lost a lot of time worrying about how my hair and makeup were meant to please them. She copied other girls. And everything I did caused me only dissatisfaction about myself and pulled me away from who I really am. Focus on your grades and training. Half of these boys hate themselves. So be beautiful, keep yourself smart and love yourself.










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