The beauty of abandoned buildings

For the boarded-up windows and warning signs “Passage closed” is often hidden world, which is slowly absorbed by nature. The last 5 years of a photographer from London Rebecca Bathory spent traveling the world in search of the most beautiful abandoned buildings.

The beauty of abandoned buildings

Nearly a palace. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)

The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-002In fact, the buildings, as if “stuck” in time, in many cities: often their owners are not found. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)


Sometimes the “zabroshki” become a refuge for homeless people or a place of entertainment teens, as well as fans to tickle your nerves. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-004

We are interested in the beauty of abandoned buildings, have in them something mysterious and attractive. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-005

For example, one of those mysterious-looking rooms in an abandoned building. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-006

immured. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-007

And here exactly hosted ghosts. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The beauty of abandoned buildings

Some of the buildings are destroyed and are not in very good condition. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-009

Others, by contrast, is quite well preserved. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-010

Visible love the old mother to detail. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-011

For a house of hobbits . (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-012

The main entrance. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-013

Abandoned buildings are gradually mastering nature. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-014

(Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-015

The solid wooden bed, suitcase and shoes. There is clearly some kind of living ghost inhabitant. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The-beauty-of-abandoned-buildings-017

(Photo by Rebecca Bathory)


Even the notes remained in their places. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)


But wander on such buildings is quite dangerous. And look to fly away somewhere down. (Photo by Rebecca Bathory)


(Photo by Rebecca Bathory)The beauty of abandoned buildings



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