10 Worlds Largest Clocks

People around the world are increasingly looking at the clock, not to miss an important point. Time – that is what seems to be starting to go faster on the eve of any event or important work, but speed never change of these ten dials of the clock  … never change the size of time.

10. Colgate Clock, Indiana, United States

The world's largest clocks, and where to find them

In those hours you’ll come and watch again and again, because their 12-meter dial was moved here from our 6th place and was replaced by an even greater dial!

9. Clock Tower Allen-Bradley, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


The diameter of all four dials of these watches is incredible 12.25 meters, and they rise to a height of 83 meters. These hours can not be compared in beauty no one watch on your smartphone!

8. The clock on the facade of the skyscraper “Grozny City”, Grozny, Russia


These bilateral clock mounted on a skyscraper at a height of 140 meters, reaching 13.6 meters wide. This watch could probably see from any time zone!

7. Flower Clock, Tehran, Iran


Once upon a time it was the biggest flower clock in the world (15 meters), but since then they faded and fell down, rolled down to different places.

6. Clock “Colgate” New Jersey, USA


It’s time to brush your teeth! Oh, and at the same time, perhaps, to look at this massive face with a diameter of 15.2 meters!

5. Watch the Duquesne Brewing Company, Pittsburgh, USA


In this list of the world’s largest clock dials were placed on the building of the brewery Duquesne Brewing Company, which are shaped like an octagon and 18 meters in diameter.

4. The clock on the central railway station Central do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Massive 20-meter clock has four dials (the same size). They were built back in 1943, and at the time considered to be the highest in the world.

3. Flower Clock in Surat, Gujrat, India


Dial diameter of 24 meters is really quite impressive, but the hour hand is a huge weighing nearly a ton is incredible!

2. Watch the mall Cevahir, Istanbul, Turkey


It may look like an ordinary transparent roof of the shopping center, but in fact it is the clock with a diameter of 36 meters.

1. Clock Royal Tower in the Abraj Al Bait, Mecca, Saudi Arabia


With 43 meters in diameter, this huge face can be seen from a distance of several kilometers – and it also helps that the clock is located on the 601 floor!

Source – Theverybesttop10.com

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