The Fluffy Bunny in the World, Angora Rabbit

Angora rabbits – outstanding representatives of the rabbit family, characterized by soft fluffy pile. This is a general name for all breeds with improved fluffiness. They are bred for decorative purposes,  as pets, as well as a source of long delicate fur, from which the pleasant touch of angora wool. Angora is perfectly suited to the home environment, which makes them popular pets of many animal lovers.

Their weight is 2-6 kg, it all depends on the breed. For those rabbits needed tender care, with the result that they can live 5-7 years. Keep animals of this breed is better indoors, which also affects the lifespan.

Angora Rabbit - The Fluffy Bunny in the World

The Fluffy Bunny in the World, Angora Rabbit

The first Angora rabbit breeding began on Turkish soil. It got its name in honor of the capital – the city of Ankara, formerly called Angora. Europe learned of the existence of the breed in the XVIII century. This brought the fluffy rabbits French sailors who have purchased tender animals as gifts. So cute animal first appeared in France and was the favorite pet of the local nobility, even the royal family. In the XIX century, I found out about it the whole world.


Due to the long fluffy fur and Ngor rabbit can immediately select from a large number of animals. His view, he reminds one large fluffy bowl. Adult pet can have the wool length of 15-25 cm and more, with different low weight up to 6 kg. Livestock animals such rank as a dwarf. Due to the small weight of this breed is not used as fur or meat.


If we look at the animal, you will notice that his nose flattened, almost invisible in the tangle of wool. This is despite the fact that there is a long pile basically the rest of the body. Rabbit has a strong long legs, which are also not visible from under the fur. The body is different oval, round, wide, slightly elongated shape. Animal ears rounded, small size. In some species of rabbits present a brush on the ears.

Of particular delight is incredibly soft lightweight wool pet when stroking which creates a feeling of contact with the high-quality silk. The guard hairs of the rabbit have a minimum length that ensures the growth of beautiful, soft wool. Depending on the breed, fluffy pile is of different lengths. In English and German rock it reaches 5 cm, the French – 6 cm, Belgium – 8 cm. For hair needs careful care, in order to avoid the formation of tangles that hinder the movement of animals. Pile color is different shades of white, black and beige, gray and red.





There are several species of fluffy rabbit, but the most popular – is the English, French, German, atlas, giant white fluffy rabbit. Representatives of these species can be found in many ways.


English rabbits allocated priplyuschennoy muzzle, broad head. It pets weighing 2-3.5 kg. The body is all covered with a fluffy pile, including legs, above the nose portion. Combing representatives of this breed should be every three days.


French rabbits differ in weight – 3.5-4.5 kg. The body is elongated, oval. This animal is considered a major representative of Angora breeds. In the present case does not require careful care of the fur. On the ears can be a brush. Muzzle, legs are not covered pile, and the claws are of the same hue.


German Angora rabbits weighing 2-5 kg. Outwardly, they look like the breed giant. Differ white color. But there may also be allocated a different tint, obtained by crossing with other breeds. Compared with other species, these rabbits molt less.



Angora rabbits breed giant allocate more weight 4.5-6 kg, therefore, considered to be the largest. Color white fur, a little fade, there are tufts on the ears.





Satin Angora rabbits weighing 3-4.5 kg. this breed representative body of medium length, and proportional to the size of the head. Animal forehead wide, oval. This species of animals received by interbreeding with the Angora rabbits French Angoras. Fur is glossy, the touch is different unusual softness. The nose, muzzle, animal ears endowed with wool. Claws are allocated the same shade. These rabbits are white and color, different hair strong.


Down rabbits white and color color weigh 3.5-4.5 kg. The body length of up to 50 cm. In this breed short ears with the presence of brushes. These animals are devoid of dewlap, characterized by the release of large amounts of fluff. This breed is bred in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Using the method of crossing the white and colored representatives receive colored rabbit with a good quality wool.


Angora rabbits – a very popular pet in Europe, characterized by friendly and sweet temper. It’s smart, quick-witted animals that can be kept in the family. They do not show aggression, like a warm and caring attitude.


When training such animals do not make any sudden movements, as well as to raise the voice. Pet quickly gets used to caress, calm voice. Before taking the animal on your hands or pat on the fur should give him a chance to sniff her hand. The animal must get used to the smell of the host, as in nature rabbit – cowardly animals. Angora playful, funny, loves to jump. They need each time to encourage progress for something tasty.


This view differs from rabbits other species that they must contain exclusively cells of the net. This is to ensure that the long fluffy fur animal getting dirty or tangled. Otherwise, it will be complicated hairstyle, combing. Representatives of this breed necessarily shorn by hand, often pluck hair. Frequency of care pile depends on the breed. Most thin, soft fur of the representatives of the English breed, it falls quickly. Coverslip fur, hair stiffness differs more from the French pet rocks, and giant, Atlas. Such quality wool prevents tangles appear. The fur of the Angora rabbits are cut every 30 days. Comb it with a special brush once during the week.


For the normal content of a pet is important, not only the cell, but also the situation in the room where it is installed. It is necessary to use a closed, dry and well-ventilated place. Otherwise, the rabbit can quickly catch a cold. Most often, the animal dies of intestinal diseases, having lived five years. Each month, the animal must be checked by a veterinarian, are often to be vaccinated. The first vaccination is carried out when the rabbit turns six weeks old, and the second – in 90 days after the first vaccination. This procedure was repeated every 6 months. Due to the high activity of the representatives of the breed at the time of walking around the house pet owners should hide breakable objects in secluded places, and remove the wires.


Angora rabbit diet should be rich in cereals, as well as juicy fodder. Pet loves beets, cabbage, carrots, root crops, clover and sedge. In winter, the animals are fed hay, legumes and cereals. During warmer months, it is recommended to diversify the food freshly cut grass, including shoots of young plants. When collecting hay for your pet, it is necessary to remove the plants with prickles. Otherwise, you can harm the delicate stomach animal.


When purchasing angora rabbit have to pick him up, watch the behavior. The representative of this breed different activity. Therefore, if the animal is calm and shows no desire to break out of hand, it is a sign of illness. Also worth a look in the pet’s eyes. They should shine.









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