Dimensions of the Universe

In the pictures it is impossible to understand the size of the universe. This is best seen in an impressive video that clearly shows the aspect ratio of the various objects of the Milky Way and other galaxies.

Dimensions of the universe

The first characters of the 6-minute video – tiny Ceres, Pluto and Moon. Then appear on the screen more and more celestial bodies located in the ascending order. Several ends at UY Shield – one of the biggest and brightest stars known . Its radius is 1708 solar radii, diameter greater than 2.4 billion kilometers, the volume of the star at about 5 billion times the Sun’s volume.

Dimensions of the universe

Then the journey continues beyond the Milky Way, are familiar with the different sets of galaxies. In addition, the author visualized the hypothetical idea of a multiverse, showing different galaxies, perhaps even functioning on the basis of different basic laws of physics. [National Geographic]

In general, look for HD-video on the size of the universe:

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