10 Best way to sleep in different types of pain

Back pain, heartburn, wrinkles – it’s not all the inconvenience that causes you to the correct position of the body during sleep. Fortunately, we know in what position you get maximum relaxation and health benefits.

10 Best way to sleep in different types of pain

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1. Back pain

The secret is that during sleep your spine preserved anatomical bend. “It is best to lie on your back, after putting a pillow under your knees …” – advises MD, Jeffrey Goldstein. Often people uncomfortable to sleep on their backs until they put a pillow under your knees or between the knees when they sleep on their sides.

2. Pain in shoulders

Of course, you can turn on a healthy arm, but some mattresses are too hard. It’s like sleeping on the floor, – the pressure on your joints, shoulders and hips too much, it can not not cause discomfort. “If you often steep in a dream and you can not find a comfortable position, try to sleep on your back or stomach,” – advises specialist in sleep problems, Dr. Charles Bae.

3. Low back pain

Try to sleep on their backs. This will pull your spine and reduce the lumbar curve of which is often a source of discomfort.

4. Pain in the neck

10 Best way to sleep in different types of pain


Choosing the right pillow will support not only your head and shoulders. This will reduce the pain during sleep. Choose a comfortable height, but try not to use too soft or large pillow. “Some people like to sleep in two, and even more pillows, – said Dr. Bae. – It may seem convenient, but anatomically wrong, when the neck is at an angle. “

5. Pain in the knees

Pain often occurs in the knees when the legs lie in one another sleep. Experts advise to put a pillow between your legs or blanket to reduce the pressure.

6. Snoring

10 Best way to sleep in different types of pain


If the spouse complains about your lion’s roar at night, try sleeping on your side. Often the cause of snoring can be ceasing language in the larynx. This makes it difficult to fully pass air into the lungs. Roll over on its side or try to pick up a pillow.

7. Teeth grinding or pain in the jaw

Try to sleep face up. When you go to one side, it creates pressure on the jaw and the pain intensifies.

8. Heartburn

Studies have shown that sleeping on the left side prevents the appearance of heartburn during sleep. “This is due to the fact that in this situation gastric valve does not open easily, and acid from the stomach into the esophagus is not thrown,” – says David Johnson, chief doctor Division of Gastroenterology and Professor College of West Virginia. “You can also use the wedge pillow, which will raise the upper part of your body for a few centimeters. But do not lay a pillow under your back, it will only create pressure on the stomach and aggravate the situation. “

9. Wrinkles

10 Best way to sleep in different types of pain


If you always sleep on the same side, you may appear wrinkles. “If you can not sleep on your back, try to sleep at least turn on the right and left side. This will reduce the friction faces of the cushion and, accordingly, the occurrence of wrinkles. “

10. Acne

If you have oily skin, you should wash bedding (pillow cases at least) once a week. The smaller your face touches the bed – the lower the risk of getting an infection in the pore. In this case, the experts also recommend sleeping on your back.

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