The Last Nuclear Test Sites, Which Become Extreme Tourist Attractions

Atomic age began July 16, 1945: the date of reference is considered to be the first successful test of a nuclear bomb, which took place in the New Mexico desert in the Manhattan Project. Less than a month later, the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dropped. Since then, until the signing of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1996, over 2,000 nuclear test explosions have occurred in the outer islands, atolls and desert areas of the world.

The vast majority of these attacks occurred in the United States and the Soviet Union: the superpowers were preparing for a war for survival. Before you place that would be quite amiss in the annals of this sad story – access curious tourists here is now open.

Extreme Tourism: The Last Nuclear test Sites

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Trinity, Socorro

New Mexico

July 16, 1945 deep in the deserts of New Mexico atomic age was born. Trinity was the code for The Gadget detonation device – a nuclear bomb similar to the one that was dropped on Nagasaki. The military had no idea how much power the device will display: a demonstration of force to get really impressive.

Extreme Tourism: The Last Nuclear test Sites


Marshall Islands

The islands and atolls in the South Pacific have been used for more than one hundred US nuclear weapons tests. In the late 1970s, the US government has decided for a clean up: built around a polygon concrete dome is now visible even from space. Being here is still not recommended, but the tourists are ready to sacrifice their health for the sake of a rare picture.

Extreme Tourism: The Last Nuclear test Sites

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In the period from 1949 to 1989, the Soviet Union conducted 456 nuclear tests there.Semipalatinsk, long considered the city closed now remains of this infected ulcer on the body of the planet. The area, which affected the nuclear tests, more than 18,000 square kilometers: there before still inhabited.

Extreme Tourism: The Last Nuclear test Sites

New Earth


Remote area of the New Earth seemed USSR government the perfect place for testing “dirty” weapons. Here, in 1961, he held the world’s largest nuclear explosion of so-called “King of Bombs”. Most of the island is still a military base, but to the southern tip of the archipelago, sometimes harass and cruise ships.

Extreme Tourism: The Last Nuclear test Sites

Atomic city

Nevada, USA

In 1955, a series of 14 nuclear test explosions, known as “Operation Teapot”, was held on the territory of the Nevada desert. The military wanted to see what effect the distant explosion on the real town – it is specially built.

Extreme Tourism: The Last Nuclear test Sites

Bikini Atoll

Marshall Islands

Located about halfway between Hawaii and Australia, this small island of Micronesia had become the embodiment of paradise on Earth. Its inhabitants were forcibly relocated, when the United States took possession of the islands in 1946 and over the next 12 years, got rid of 23 nuclear charge on this piece of paradise, making it uninhabitable to this day.


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