Is the Third World War Inevitable?

Experts believe that the world is on the brink of war, and called 10 potential military conflicts that may erupt literally tomorrow.

1. Sino-Russian Siberian War

Is the Third World War Inevitable?

A superpower is going through hard times. Another superpower actually ready to conquer the world. At the moment, China and Russia are the “big players” in the east of the Ural Mountains. Both countries have a huge army. Both have nuclear weapons. Both expansionist. And both have a claim to Siberia – sparsely populated, resource-rich territory, is bigger than Canada. Siberia has long been in the interests of China.

In recent years, Celestial has been actively buying up sections of the Siberian land. Beijing today is already beginning to assert historical claims, at least in the eastern part of Siberia, where many ethnic Chinese live. For Moscow, it is becoming more of a problem. The potential of Sino-Russian war over the territory of Siberia, can have devastating consequences and there are only two possible outcomes.Either the Chinese army otvoyuet most of Russia or Moscow will unleash a nuclear war. In any case, the death toll would have catastrophic consequences for the whole world.

2. War of the Baltic

Is the Third World War Inevitable?

In recent years, Europe has started very worried about the possibility of war with Russia. According to the former deputy commander of NATO Alexander Richard Shirreff, it is quite possible scenario. Shirreff said a possible cause of Russia’s unwillingness to be surrounded by NATO countries. According to the British general, in May 2017 Moscow will pave a land corridor through Ukraine joining the Crimea to Russia, and then to invade one or more of the Baltic countries. As Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are members of NATO, it can lead to frantic Western war against Russia. Than it threatens, it is not necessary to explain.

3. The North Korean spring

Is the Third World War Inevitable?

This summer, a senior North Korean diplomat in London defected to South Korea. It was just the latest in a string of incidents that point to the imminent collapse of the regime of Kim Jong-un. Kim fell out with powerful allies, such as China. He is no longer able to provide the luxurious life of the country’s elite.

Cheap smartphones technology allowed people to the country for the first time in decades to see how living in the rest of the world. This is about to break out the crisis in the country, compared to which hunger in 1994 will look like a cakewalk. This may result in a revolution in the DPRK. People can go to the streets, the army can be divided into warring factions and the country will begin to hell.

4. The guerrilla war in Europe LIH

Is the Third World War Inevitable?

Faced with the air strikes, the economic shocks and the onset of the armies of many countries, LIH is on the verge of collapse. But do not expect that the terrorists just suck it up. Most likely, the jihadists will compete directly in Europe with the help of murderous urban guerrilla warfare. Large European cities can turn into cemeteries, where the streets of explosions and gunfire can be heard every day. With such a scenario, the first to suffer, France and Belgium, followed by Germany and the UK.

5. The civil war in Venezuela

Is the Third World War Inevitable?

On the streets of Caracas lawless. Common household products simply can not be bought, inflation is more than 500 percent and may soon reach 1600 percent. The country has become the norm civil protests, violence, corruption, police brutality and paranoid government that refuses to see anything. The potential end result of this anarchy can be a civil war.
As Maduro does not want to retire, hungry and angry people of Venezuela can take up arms. It is also possible mass defections from the police and the army. But even a coup might be the best case scenario in Venezuela. The history of Latin America shows that such a move is likely to lead to repression and bloodshed in a horrific scale.

6. The second cultural revolution in China

Is the Third World War Inevitable?

The Cultural Revolution during Chairman Mao was stunningly brutal. Killed about 1.5 million people.Millions of people were tortured and mutilated. Widespread corruption, popular discontent and a sense of betrayal turned into a deadly massacre.

But what happens in 2016, when China became a developed country. China has a long history of peasant revolts. Mao himself came to power as a result of the uprising, during which 8,000,000 were killed. Several decades ago, the Boxer Rebellion resulted in more than 100,000 deaths.

In just a few decades before the Taiping uprising killed 20-30 million (according to some sources, more than 70 million). Now, despite all the development in China are 500 popular protests each day, and every year about 100,000 riots erupt. If suddenly break out the next financial crisis, it happened again a catastrophic bloodbath.

7. Bosnia number 2

Is the Third World War Inevitable?

In the 1990s, the world watched in horror as the breaking up of Bosnia. During the ethnic cleansing killed about 100,000 civilians. In 1995, finally, two were created “state within a state”: Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Bosniaks and Croats, and the Republika Srpska for the Serbs. The trouble is that this new division is also unstable. The division along ethnic lines has created a world of growing tension, bitter resentment and desire for revenge. Today, everyone wants the best.

Youth unemployment is over 60%, which is the highest level in the world. The Serbs and Croats still want to separate. Bosnians still want to live together. Serbian leader recently literally “threw a lighted match into the powder keg.” Ethnic Serbs hold a referendum on whether to secede from Bosnia need. As a result of this vote could again erupt horrific civil war in Bosnia.

8. Revolution in Saudi Arabia

Is the Third World War Inevitable?

Saudi Arabia during the “Arab spring” got off lightly. At that time, as in Tunisia and Egypt were toppled dictators, and in Syria and Libya, started a real war, members of the royal family in Saudi Arabia managed to hold on to power. At least so far. According to the US Institute of Washington, the conditions in Saudi Arabia today are similar to those that preceded the Egyptian revolution.

The nation is ready to explode. The collapse in oil prices has led the country in which a very high level of expenditure on the brink of bankruptcy. Youth unemployment in the country in which mostly young people live, out of control. Anger among the educated twenty-somethings teenagers just rolls over. Local rebel ethnic minorities, and the terrorists are attacking relentlessly. It is easy to imagine the revolution that breaks out in connection with this discontent.

9. Indo-Pakistani nuclear war

Is the Third World War Inevitable?

In winter 2008, the world has stepped with one foot in the grave. This year, the confrontation between Pakistan and India almost escalated into a nuclear war. In the end, diplomats barely managed to resolve the conflict. But relations between the two countries is still very tense. If everything happens differently next time, it could mean the end of the world. Nuclear war between India and Pakistan would lead to the fact that Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi and Islamabad will be in the fire, and tens of millions will die in this hell.Nuclear winter would destroy crops throughout Asia, leading to massive Holodomor. It is estimated that with the die about two billion people. And such a terrible conflict may provoke a situation in Kashmir – a region claimed by both countries.

10. South China Sea or the Third World War

Is the Third World War Inevitable?

The only thing that could be more terrible than the war between Pakistan and India, is the war in China and the United States. Especially if this conflict will be drawn to countries such as the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and many others. Sticking point could be the South China Sea -. A region that is likely to trigger a third world war. Over the past few years, China has aggressively expanded in the sea space. This is mainly due to the smaller countries that are US allies. America responded with an official warning, and China in response to expressed explicit threat. If it will grow into a war, the world will perish.

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