The world’s most unusual pools

Monitor your health – not only easy, but also enjoyable. If you want to strengthen the immune system, lose weight and improve their health, not necessarily to torture yourself in the gym or running in the morning.Remember how you loved to splash in the water as a child. It does not matter whether the bathroom with ducks, a river in the village or the clear blue sea. Water always gives a lot of positive emotions and helps to improve their health.

Doctors around the world acknowledge that diving has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. Especially useful it is for correction. Water aerobics is considered more effective than usual. When driving in water, activated more muscle groups, so the impact on the figure has more uniform character. Because of the water formed in proportion to the figure.

1. Hotel “Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort”, Bali, Indonesia.

Hotel "Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort", Bali, Indonesia.

Pool Hotel Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort – it’s stunning beauty, flawless surface of the water and the lush tropical forest of the island. These “hanging” gardens were designed by renowned landscape architect William Warren and John Pettigrew.

2. The hotel is “The Library”, Koh Samui, Thailand.

The hotel is "The Library", Koh Samui, Thailand.

Pool at The Library, located on the shores of Chaweng Beach, is a radical color scheme – it is bright red. This bloody water both fascinates and frightens. Of course, no dye in the water is not added, the whole thing in a red finish pool. This is especially good “Bloody Mary” basins in the world at sunset.

3. The hotel “San Alfonso del Mar”, Chile.

The hotel "San Alfonso del Mar", Chile.

This pool – absolute champion of the Guinness Book of Records for its size. To drive it on a sailboat? Easily! Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the pool stretches almost a kilometer, accommodates 250 mln. Liters of sea water with an area of 7.7 hectares.

4. The hotel “Golden Nugget”, Las Vegas, USA.

The hotel "Golden Nugget", Las Vegas, USA.

This pool is designed for thrill-seekers and movie “Jaws.” Let the sharks and are behind a thick layer of glass, but even finding them pretty close to tickle nerves. The highlight of the attraction-pool – a transparent tube to descend through a giant aquarium with sharks.

5. “Geothermal Blue Lagoon Spa”, Iceland.

"Geothermal Blue Lagoon Spa", Iceland.

Blue Lagoon is known for its geothermal features. Sea water seeps into the pool through the lava and is updated every two days. This frequent update provides a combination of artificial and natural filtration. This process is controlled by a geothermal station located nearby. The very same water is heated naturally by the Earth’s surface. It has medicinal properties (cures skin diseases, eg psoriasis), thanks to its content of sea salt, quartz and even blue-green algae.

6. Hotel “Marina Bay Sands”, Singapore.

Hotel "Marina Bay Sands", Singapore.

Swimming pool on the edge of the 54 floors will not leave anyone indifferent. It really looks like a heavenly park: 150 meters of clean water, which is not splashing about the pool side, as if falling down on the metropolis, and a little to the side are neat rows of sun loungers and palm trees. It should be noted that the hotel, which belongs to this creation of architectural thought himself a lot of staggering – on three pillars skyscraper hotel building is made in the form of the liner.

7. “The Neptune Pool”, Hearst Castle.

"The Neptune Pool", Hearst Castle.
1919-1947, Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument, California, USA — Outdoor Swimming Pool at Hearst Castle — Image by © Phil Schermeister/Hearst Castle/CA Park Service/CORBIS

California To get here you have to be either a tourist or a journalist, or a millionaire. Castle multimagnata William Randolph Hearst to put it mildly shocking for its luxury and the pool itself and the truth is worthy of the name of the god of the seas.

8. “Nemo 33” Uccle, Belgium.

"Nemo 33" Uccle, Belgium.

The deepest in the world indoor swimming pool is located in the center of recreational diving, Belgium. The pool has two large platform (bench) at a depth of 5 and 10 m, several artificial caves underwater at a depth of 10 meters and a well rounded shape depth of 34.5 meters. Bath basin filled with 2500 cubic meters of non-chlorinated fresh water cleaning high temperature 30 ° C. Within the walls there are numerous underwater windows that allow visitors to observe the outside for swimmers at different depths. The complex was designed by a Belgian diver-expert John Birnaertsom for multi-purpose diving instruction, recreational shooting movies.

9. Hotel “Sanctuary Swala Camp Retreat”, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.

Hotel "Sanctuary Swala Camp Retreat", Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.

Pool Hotel “Sanctuary Swala Camp Retreat” is located in the heart of the Tanzanian National Park. It’s the most exotic, sun-scorched savanna under azure skies, but also with a luxurious swimming pool. All the buildings of the hotel properly protected from the natural inhabitants of the plains, so that visitors can safely bask in the water for hours and watch the wildlife.

10. “Badeschiff”, Berlin, Germany.

"Badeschiff", Berlin, Germany.

Good river Berlin seamstress, but to bathe in it can not be – as in most big cities the water in it is not suitable for swimming. But the burning desire to bathe in it gave life to an unusual project – a floating swimming pool Badeschiff. Its creators simply let the ship on the river with a swimming pool. In summer, live DJs, and in the cold season, the ship covered pavilion and include heating water.

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