Glamorous Bus Stop In Krumbach

In the small western Austrian village of Krumbach, in Vorarlberg, built seven stops authorship of famous architects. Unbelievable? But the fact. At the opening of the new urban landmarks have invited all 992 people. Architecture is all love and appreciate, almost every family has a carpenter, joiner or a lumberjack. Even its own architectural tradition there.


Grows in Vorarlberg wonderful pine why and carpenters there a dime a dozen. But the architects of the first half of the last century is clearly lacking. After World War II was a law that gave the right to design a simple builder. Thus was born in Krumbach strange style, the authors of which were baukunstlery ( “stroyhudozhniki” literally translated from German).

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Stop, designed by designers Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu.

Fantastic craft traditions, coupled with modernism, which baukunstlery podglyadel travel and magazines – that’s two whales a local school. It turned out interesting and qualitatively, albeit a bit monotonous. To promote the local school opened even Vorarlberg Institute of Architecture (and anything else that people working in it four, but one and all – adherents of the style). Then it became clear that the preservation of traditions – this is certainly good, but external inflows will not affect. It was then that the Austrians and rushed to invite foreign architects.

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Stop by Alexander Brodsky.


The desire to dilute the local landscape Krumbach modern architecture provoked Council for Culture Commune (yes, in the village with a population of 1000 people have this advice!) Invite seven foreign architects for the construction of bus stops. It was the Sou Fujimoto (Japan), Wang Shu (China), studio Rintala Eggertsson Architects (Norway), Ensamble Studio (Spain), Smiljan Radic (Chile), workshop Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu (Belgium) and Alexander Brodsky (Russia).

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Stop by Sou Fujimoto.

Krumbach is located high in the mountains. For steep hills and a fantastic relief this land called “Humpback world.” So rather than architects’ fees offered weekly rest in these blissful places in the coolest hotel, who took the rebuilt castle of the XI century. The invited architects worked in conjunction with local architects and builders.

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Stop by architects from Norway (Sami Rintala and Dagur Eggertsson)

And carpenters Krumbach able to do everything. Its products are sold in the neighboring village Andelsbuch, in the center of crafts. Made on a conscience, it is expensive – and worth it. It is therefore not surprising that in the only motor show Krumbach – one “Ferrari” and “Lamborghini”. So the artisan profession is not going to die, and someone very well fed.

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Stop, designed by designers from Belgium (Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu)


The architect Smiljan Radic flew in Krumbach from Chile 16 hours. He stopped at a local shtyube, in our opinion – the tavern. He went to greet a lady from the local government and sees deadbeat Radic is on the table and touches the wooden ceiling cassette. Later he made his remark in his concrete stop.

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Stop, designed by Chilean architect Smiljan Radic.

Another architect, Anton Garcia-Abril from the Spanish Ensamble Studio Office, decided to make a stop of foam plastic in a traditional barn for drying boards. He was not allowed. Then the team headed for his office at the sawmill, where they scored defective boards from which the assembled stop.


The village is made up of farms, and each stop – exactly next to someone’s house. That is, use it mainly residents temporarily left without a “Ferrari”, and grandmothers who do not drive a car for old age. Here is such a grandma to her stop, designed and Radic says: “Our fact, our best, tell me? Glass, sit and see everything is a bus or is not. ” Near stop Fujimoto resembling bamboo thickets, the man grumbles: “What if the rain? Where is the escape? “But, like it or not, the whole district is proud of the new architecture and pleasure leads tours there.

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Stop by Spanish designers (Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa)

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