Carpet which is formed from recycled labels of jeans

Carpets are a great way to liven up any room and are often also one of the main features of the room. It will not be the first time you’ve probably seen various interior accessories made from recycled jeans , but with a carpet of labels known brands you’ve probably never encountered before. These carpets are made by hand and see them brands like Levis , Ralph Lauren , Phat Farm , and more. There are two different sizes that are sure to add uniqueness to each room.

Jeans Labels Carpet
PD design, Polytuft, 2013. © Sven Persson /

Manufactured by Polytuft, the creatively fun Jeans Label rug is 100% jeans labels on the front with a backing of cotton. Available in two sizes – 140x200cm or 160x240cm these Kings of Sweden designed carpets are the perfect art piece for your floor. Utilizing a Jeans brand lables including American classics like Levi’s and Wrangler, urban offerings like Phat Farm, and even designer options like Ralph Lauren. Seeing that each and every rug is made by hand, you can ensure that no two rugs will ever be alike. There are 2 different size options to choose from, and either one would be the perfect finishing touch to any living space. [Buy]

Jeans Labels CarpetJeans Labels Carpet

Jeans Labels Carpet

Source – Polytuft,,


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