The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

The amazing and nowhere who had taken a giant crop circles – one of the unsolved mysteries of the present day. Someone explained to them the appearance of “squinting demons”, someone – an alien intervention. They can appear for the night and did not give rest for centuries.

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

The earliest mention of the mysterious crop circles known to mankind, relates to 1678. In just one night on the field in Hertfordshire inexplicably appeared circle. The pamphlet, which reported about the strange event, was published August 22, 1678 under the heading “mowing devil, or strange news from Hertfordshire.”

The figure depicts a demon, carefully cut its oblique circle on the field. The text says: “This is a true story about a farmer who traded with the poor of the Scythe mowing three and a half acres of oats. Scythe asked for too much, and then the farmer swore that the devil rather rickety than he. And so it happened on the same night. oat crop was as though on fire, but the next morning turned out to be so neatly Mow’d by the Devil or some infernal spirit, that no mortal could not do like that. “

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

This is a huge and intricate creation was found in a wheat field August 12, 2001 at Milk Hill, Wiltshire, in the UK. To this day, it is the biggest crop circle ever. It consists of a circle 409 and has a diameter of 267 meters.

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

The Longwood Warren, NH, June 22, 1995 there was this circle, representing the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth and the orbit of Jupiter. What is interesting is the position of the planets, as the lap, there was the day when the Wright brothers proved that people can fly on November 6, 1903, and then – 11 July 1971 during a mission apparatus “Mariner 9” on Mars .

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

One of the most suspicious circles appeared in the sands of the Middle East. There was found no traces or any other human intervention.

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

This highly symbolic figure was found July 17, 1991 at Barbary Castle. He depicts the creation of the universe by three light sources, which are also called the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The figure is the Tree of Life from the Book of Genesis.

The British believed that each area of a circle is equal to 31,680 square feet (2943 square meters), which corresponds to the Greek numerology name of Jesus Christ. The sum of all digits is divisible by 3168, and the result is 6660, that connects this number with the number of the beast.

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

On the field near Barbary Castle there was a circle with a complex design. Its diameter – 150 feet. It seems that the image was encrypted interpretation of the first ten digits of pi – 3.141592654. This surprised researchers. The circle is formed of ten angular segments with the radial passages. A comma in the number pi is designated point at the center, and the tenth digit correctly rounded.

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

Another complex shaped structure in the fields known as “Julia-set.” She appeared on the field in front of Stonehenge in July 1996 and got its name because it is a complex fractal computer with the same name. Musicians is the treble clef, while marine biologists – the helix cross-section of a mollusk shell.

“Julia-set” remarked the pilot, who was flying over the field at 18:15. Prior to that he was flying in the same place at 17:30 with a passenger, a doctor, who took pictures and did not have at this point circles. Stonehenge The guards also confirmed that on the same day before had no laps on the field. There was a woman who claimed that stood beside the road, and has witnessed the creation of the circle. She also said that there was a taxi driver with a passenger, who together with her watched as the circle itself is drawn on the field under the screw-cloud.

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

When balloonists flying over wheat field near Rayshtinga in southern Germany, they noticed the formation of shorn circles. Christophe Huttner says he has nothing to do with a strange figure, which appeared in his field, but at the same time refuses to believe that this is the work of aliens, and blames children. Circle of almost 76 meters in diameter. It is unlikely that the neighborhood kids would be able to mow a pattern.

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

This rectangular formation on the field with a face like a well-known Martian face, appeared in August 2001 near the Chilbolton Radio Telescope, England.. Along the perimeter of this figure there were no signs of human intervention or the use of tools. Nearby there is another formation with a complex binary code in the same format as the message sent mankind into space in 1974.

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

Many crop circles – Creative pranksters with exposed beams and ropes. Nevertheless, the origin of a sufficient number of circles can not be explained. In addition, many of them carry a cryptic message. Some argue that so alien life forms trying to communicate with us. Others believe that it is the spirits of the earth want to be heard. Everyone has his own interpretation, but the question remains open.

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  1. I always love the theory that these were created for us by an uber intelligent life form, and only when we are fully able to understand – when we have evolved enough intellectually, and passed our limitations and war’s feeble mindedness, they will take us to the next set of whatever they have left for us to ponder out there somewhere. it is claimed these were made before fight and only when we progressed to that and eventual space exploration we would be able to detect these messages, again when we further evolve/develop the adequate means and tools.

    I also saw filmed evidence of people actually creating these with flat boards and other devices, but where there is no evidence of intervention, then it makes the mind boggle with hope and I only hope it isn’t nature or the weather. Similar patterns are found underwater made by fish who do elaborate settings such as these on the sea beds to attract a mate…they in themselves are mind blowing

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