Round Bridge over Garzón lagoon in Uruguay

The  Round Bridge over Garzón lagoon between the towns of Rocha and Maldonado, in Uruguay the coast. In sharp contrast to many purely architectural projects, this bridge really has a need and purpose.

Round Bridge in Uruguay

Bridge designers wanted to find a way to slow down traffic at the same time, make your users appreciate the environment around you. The nontraditional design circular was selected through years of government debate. The bridge has a radius of 51.5 meters joined by two straight sections at the entrances. This design permitted two lanes of traffic and create a pond in the center which can be used for fishing.

Round Bridge in Uruguay

“The concept of the bridge over the Laguna Garzón was to turn a crossing of traditional vehicles in an event that reduces the speed of the cars, to provide an opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of an amazing landscape.” Said architect Rafael Viñoly.
Construction began in late 2014 and the project was opened to the public just over a year later. Unlike many architectural projects, this was really necessary. Before the construction of the bridge, cars who wanted to cross the Maldonado and Rocha counties would have to use a ferry. Now, more than 1000 cars use the new bridge every day, so that their displacements are faster than before.
The Laguna Garzón bridge combines the beauty of a circular structure with key functional aspects of its design and the wonder of the landscape.

Round Bridge in Uruguay

Round Bridge in Uruguay

Round Bridge in Uruguay

Source — Virgula


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