Bikini Airline of Vietnam

Can you imagine what the test will fall to your share, if you suddenly make up your mind to use the services of airlines “Bikini Airline”? The name already speaks for itself, and if you’re a real dreamer, seeker the opportunity to entertain your inquisitive taste – you here!

I do not think that the aircraft of the airline only men enjoy. This service is for everyone. So fly planes “Bikini Airline”!

Vietnam’s Bikini Airline

Create these airline business woman from Vietnam, which is rather complicated to pronounce the name of Phi Nguyen Phong Thao. She enrolled in his own genius. The secret of success is simple in the extreme. All flight attendants’ Bikini Airline “dressed in bright swimsuits. Though it is better to say – n@ked. A good commercial move! Who knows, maybe, passengers should count on Thai massage, which will make the hot stewardess?

Vietnam’s Bikini Airline

The owner of a serious approach to the selection of personnel.

Vietnam’s Bikini AirlineVietnam’s Bikini Airline

Nowhere any folds or wrinkles. This is a flight attendant!

Vietnam’s Bikini Airline
VietJet advertising sourced by pej from facebook

Vietnam’s Bikini Airline

Damn nice staff!

Vietnam’s Bikini AirlineVietnam’s Bikini Airline

The mood rises and stays at a height during the flight!

Vietnam’s Bikini AirlineVietnam’s Bikini Airline

As you can see, everything is simply brilliant! Suffice it to shift the focus in the minds of potential buyers, and everything will turn out! But do not think that once you come up with a smart business idea, do not have to work. In order to attain perfection, it is necessary to work very hard.

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