Creative conversion of old chest of drawers

Larisa Haynes from Ohio, mother of six children, the owner of a small shop and a real vintage stuff needlewoman. The hands she restores and gives new life to things already written off the old masters of the scrap. This chest of drawers in the Art Deco style was found on the “garage” sale of unnecessary things.

Wonderful conversion of old chest of drawers

Larisa-Haynes-Creative-Old-Chest-Of-Drawers-002Wonderful conversion of old chest of drawers

The first step Larisa removed all veneer, which has not be restored. He moves easily, if you put a wet rag on him.


Then carved plates were removed, which did not fit into the concept of the future of a new type of chest. Further, all the details have been carefully covered with soil.


Apply a layout drawing of the future, you can use the most ordinary cardboard cut from a template. For round parts can, for example, take the cover from the pan. Now you only have to paint and cover with protective varnish. 


The highlight of the project was a real emblem of Volkswagen, Larissa found on eBay. 


The result had been quite a wonderful chest of drawers. An interesting detail – Furniture handles that successfully mimic the wipers. And of course, the original emblem VW, which gives the dresser a unique charm.




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