The History of the Bra

The modern woman without a bra as a shoemaker without shoes. This accessory has become such an integral part of the women’s toilet, it’s hard to find a replacement. It is a kind of symbol of femininity and sexuality. Today, the lady of any build and form opens as a rich selection of lingerie that right eye run.

But the case with women’s bra at the origins of the story? Youtube/Glamour Magazine posted a video, a beautiful model in two minutes to show the bra in the past 500 years of the evolution process.  As the creators of the movie managed to put the whole story of the women’s indispensable little things in a couple of minutes? I do not know, it is not a question for us, but it was incredibly cool.

Small Breasts  was considered a sign of aristocracy, so women tightly wrapped chest cloth.

The History of the Bra
The evolution of the bra over the past 500 years in just two minutes

Tight corsets (1500-1800 gg.)
To create the effect of a wasp waist women wore corsets and heavy pulls them tight.

The History of the BraAndrogyny 1920
This type of bra clutched his chest and making it visually less. The History of the BraDrama queen late 1920s
These bras have emphasized the natural female form. The History of the BraBra, supports and lifts the breasts, 1930
These bras are popular today. The History of the Bra1950-1960-Sexy
Bra with triangular cups became a rage, especially after he was put on a very Marilyn Monroe.In the 90th Queen of Pop Madonna once again resumed the fashion of a bra. The History of the BraThe sexual revolution of the 1960s
Women’s freedom to form and display the bras. It was a bra without cups and bones. The History of the BraOutrageous 1970
In the 70’s there were bras with nipples. Brand Victoria’s Secret fashion tried to revive them, but this idea has completely failed. The History of the BraHomemade sports bra
Truth, these bras are like two brace fastened together. The History of the BraComfort above all!
Fortunately, later in the 1970s there was an improved version of a sports bra. The History of the BraBra lifts the breasts
Bras Wonderbra model became really popular only in the 1990s, although there were much earlier. The History of the BraThe revolutionary 2000’s
Wear strapless dress with open back – today, no problem. Silicone stickers to help you! The History of the BraThe smart Bra, 2009.
The advantage of hi-tech-bras is that they are made ​​of a special foam that responds to body temperature of women: expand when it is hot, and become narrower when it’s cold. The History of the BraA little humor from Glamour – bra for robots
Here it is – the bra of the future!The History of the BraWe offer to your attention the evolution of the bra.

Something changed, something comes back. Fashion – incredibly interesting thing. It repeats itself every 10 years. I think your girlfriend will be interesting to see this video. Share this article with them.

Source — Daily Mail, Youtube Women.Huanqiu


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