What happen with human body after quit smoking?

Doctor Yussuf Saloojee, Executive director of the National Council Against Smoking was stated that tobacco smoke contains over 4500 chemicals, 200 of which are known poisons and 50 of which cause cancer? A series of physiological changes that happen to a smoker when he/she finally decides to quit smoking.

12 FACTS ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE HUMAN BODY, after he quit smoking1. The first changes will begin in 20 minutes – improves blood circulation and increases the sensitivity of the fingers and toes.

2. After 8 hours in the blood reduces the amount of carbon monoxide. This means that the level of oxygen in your blood back to normal.

3. After two days of abstinence from smoking completely cleans the body from nicotine. You can finally say goodbye to the tiny crystals that pushes you to smoke.Unfortunately, once the nicotine is completely out of the body, craving to smoke as much as possible increases.

4. Two days after quitting the taste buds begin to function normally. You can not only better capture the nuances of taste, but become less add spice to the usual food.

5. Two days later, you start to smell better. Now the idea to stop and breathe the scent of roses will seem much more attractive.

6. After three days in the lungs is reduced ciliated epithelium. Smoking destroys the cilia are microscopic, clearing the airways. Fortunately, these cilia can be restored.

7. Blood pressure begins to drop in a week, which reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, cardiac and renal failure, and angina.

8. Cough starts to disappear in two weeks after you quit smoking. He did not immediately disappear, as your lungs need time to removal of accumulated harmful substances in them.

9. Two weeks later, the blood circulation is restored, that immediately have a positive effect on sexual function: to improve the quality of erections in men, increase the sensitivity of women.

10. Three months after quitting evens skin tone. Nicotine impedes the flow of blood to the upper layers of the skin, making her pale, dry, and contributes to flaking. Nicotine also stimulates the appearance of wrinkles, because it blocks the production of collagen.

11. If in a year you have not smoked a cigarette, disappearing the most vivid signs of smoking. Tobacco hue on his fingers disappear and plaque on the teeth pale. After brushing your teeth at the dentist does not turn yellow, and the blood circulation in the gums back to normal.

12. After five years without smoking stroke risk factors return to normal, but after 15 years the risk of cancer in former smokers becomes the same as that of a nonsmoker.

Source — www.quitsmokingsupport.commedical-dictionary, www.myjoburg.com


  1. This is a tough one for me, been smoking since age 10 and I´m 32…..but as they say we all are going to die so I might as well die with my cigarette in my mouth. I just love smoking what can I say, even though I know is not good.


  2. Dear Charlypriest
    I hate to say this but the agony of dying from smoking related cancer is terrible. I saw with my own eyes how a friend suffered from lung cancer. He really regretted smoking. He had to inject morphing because of unbearable pain and he could not breathe normally. He went through almost a year of ‘living hell’.Not worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

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