The size of Greenland and Russia in comparison to Africa

We are all used to seeing the image of the world as they are depicted in atlases and maps. No one ever thought about the real size of the country, the continent, etc. Were you ever wonder what the actual size of, say, Greenland?

If you cut Greenland such as it is shown on a conventional map and impose, for example, in Africa, it will turn the whole size ice desert, and even a little more.

The size of Greenland and Russia in comparison to Africa

But whether Greenland is so vast? The problem is that (unlike some of us believe) the Earth has a spherical shape. In order to display a spherical surface on a computer screen, it has to be deformed (unless you have a spherical computer screen).

There are several ways that can be projected on a flat screen scope, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Google Maps are close enough to the Mercator projection. Imagine a cylinder around the earth, which regards the earth at the equator. At the same time it bit by bit drawn objects of our planet.

This projection is quite close to reality. However, it involves the distortion of objects the size of some of the Earth: the farther from the equator, we look, the more everything seems bigger.

This is especially true for Greenland due to its farthest position. In fact, compared to Africa Greenland it looks like.

The size of Greenland and Russia in comparison to AfricaGreenland Area – 2,131,000 sq km, while the area of ​​Africa – 30,220,000 km².

Something similar happened with Russia, which at first sight is huge. In fact, Africa is almost twice that of Russia in the area: 30,220,000 sq km against 17.1 million square kilometers. And really it looks like.

The size of Greenland and Russia in comparison to AfricaSource —


  1. I’d vaguely heard about these problems before, but it’s not until I actually had these examples presented to me that I understood how misleading the distortions can be. The one with Russia was particularly interesting. It’s still a huge country, just not as huge as I’d thought.

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  2. Good to know facts! If we could have an instrument to show us that the problems among countries are not as huge as it may seem so that the remnants of war may no longer be seen in the maps of our future generations. Thanks for this share.

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