Why on Feng Shui in August have to wear Red Panties

Wearing red underwear can help ward off evil spirits during the so-called “ghost month”.  “Ghost” the Chinese call the seventh month of the lunar calendar. It lasts from 14 August until 12 September. During this period, spirits or “ghosts” of the dead are believed to descend and roam around the world of the living. The Chinese, who have a strong belief in the after-life, try to pacify these ghosts to prevent bad luck.

Why on Feng Shui in August have to wear red panties
Want to stay lucky on ghost month? Wear red panties Photo Credit

And that’s nothing wrong with you, they did not, they must reassure. Expert practitioner of feng shui Maxim Tiu said that in this period is especially important to wear red underwear. It allows you to deflect the negative energy.

The Chinese are really very much believe in life after death. And that spirits from the past can interfere in the life of the living. And if you want anything bad in your life does not happen, you need to appease the spirits.

This is the meaning of wearing amulets and red underwear.

“We always had in August of red panties, especially if the life ahead for any important event. It does not allow us not to be afraid of” ghost month “- said Tiu.

It also recommends adding a couple of red decorative elements in a home or office. They will absorb the bad energy, distracting spirits.

It is interesting that the Chinese people the seventh month of the lunar calendar does not the happiest.According to statistics, during this period it quickens the number of accidents in the country. The Chinese believe that this month brings bad luck.

Source — www.abs-cbnnews.com


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