Robbie Maddison Rides his Dirt Bike on the Waves

The Australian rider Robbie Maddisonone of the athletes of the sports team ‘Red Bull‘ and famous for his exploits with his moticicleta ran limits forward and managed to meet its goal of surfing waves. “Maddo” completed the ‘Pipe Dream’, a project that took more than two years to prepare the bike and expose in Tahiti. The oceanic athlete managed to overcome the waves of Teahupoo and Papara, after a step that surprised even the surfers present at the scene.

Robbie Maddison Runs Motorcycle on Sea waves Pipe Dream

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Summer 2015 Robbie Maddison and DC team withdrew from the line, but we’ve seen and that which is only possible in dream, to achieve 3 year vision called “Pipe Dream”.  The celebrated winner of numerous medals in the famous “X Games” competitions and the owner of several world records, Maddo went on a long journey to confront the nature of the motorcycle and hit the synthesis incompatible, beauty and monsters, and a dream to become a reality. Often against seemingly insurmountable inequality difficult fight, but letting that primordial and defining goals razultirat be leaving something you ever thought for sure something you really like.

His feat of actually connecting faith and desire, and that is surfing on what it most happy.Although it seems unreal, but to be believed, you’ll see. And as I said, is not something you will achieve the first or only be right, it is important to believe in yourself because you know that something is possible.

Extreme or not, maybe it’s just a step in the Maddo private garden of a new house, but each one will determine which dimensions and opportunities at the individual level. It seems to us that this project will launch some new ideas and dimensions of extreme sports, and to then take a look outside their own framework and believe that anything is possible.

Robbie Maddison Runs Motorcycle on Sea waves Pipe DreamMotorcycle arrived in unprotected salt water of the Pacific Ocean. Photo Credit Robbie Maddison Runs Motorcycle on Sea waves Pipe DreamRobbie “Madden” Maddison repeatedly fixed the long-distance motorcycle jump world record, there is always something extra to break the record head. Photo Credit Robbie Maddison Runs Motorcycle on Sea waves Pipe DreamThis time, he took the head that engine will ride the biggest waves off the coast of Tahiti. Photo Credit Robbie Maddison Runs Motorcycle on Sea waves Pipe DreamThe thing is also shocking and fascinating, because motor surfing seemingly impossible, utterly contradicts the laws of physics. Photo Credit Robbie Maddison Runs Motorcycle on Sea waves Pipe DreamBut the desperate stunt was determined to realize his dream. The engine of a special “ski pad” planned, facilitated in a former missile development engineer.   Photo Credit Robbie Maddison Runs Motorcycle on Sea waves Pipe DreamThe base is made ​​so that the bike can travel on land, but when they enter the water, it stays on the surface and be able to ride on it. Robbie Maddison engine riding the waves. Photo Credit

The official channel of the brand DC Shoes has just released an impressive video and that will take your breath away of many people, watch this amazing video and see how a motorcycle runs on sea waves.


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