The most faithful dog, Living in a pit on the grave of its owner

Since the death of his master left the house to be near him, but no one told him where the remains were.Every day at 6 pm, lies down beside the headstone and refuses to return home.

This dog has remained loyal to his master even after his death

Surprising and moving story which comes from Argentina. That dogs are among the most loyal animals on the planet, it is nothing new.  A dog shows his fidelity to its owner, despite the distance inexorable death. The animal lives in a hole made ​​on the grave of his lifelong friend. Touching. He does not understand the meaning of death. His owner died long ago, but still his faithful companion and holds up sheltered in or n hole dug their own feet in the grave who was his caretaker, his friend, the companion of life.

The image travels the world through social networks. While not giving a precise location, the bug lives in the cemetery for some time, and there were several attempts to bring it to a more suitable location. There was no case. His instinct tells him he has to be there. Always protecting his owner.  Source

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