Caleta Tortel

Caleta Tortel (Chile) was founded on May 28, 1955, mainly basing its economy on the extraction of cypress guaitecas. Caleta Tortel, is set in rugged terrain with steep slopes and rocky terrain with almost no topsoil, which will prevent the existence of sites that relate to the land itself. The houses are raised on stilts spontaneously, and connecting spaces are platforms and passageways called envaralados isolated terrain.

Caleta Tortel

Through these envaralados, whose evolution leads to today’s catwalks, and its location in the landscape, you can see a strategy of building solid lines flow on mountainous terrain. These gateways are a new artificial soil that through piles subtly supports and separates the land.

There is one school in Caleta Tortel, called Escuela Comandante Luis Bravo Bravo, inaugurated by the Chilean Navy in 1978 it runs up to 8th grade and has about 90 students total. There are no banks, cash points or cell phone signal, but there is line phones and access to the internet. There is a rural health center, police checkpoint, fire-fighters, harbor master, municipality and civil registration.

Boat tours to Jorge Montt Glacier and other places are available from the village. The village is served by a nearby Río Bravo Airport; the airstrip is 600m long and 23m wide.

Caleta Tortel Caleta Tortel Caleta Tortel Caleta Tortel Caleta Tortel Caleta Tortel Caleta Tortel Caleta Tortel Caleta TortelSource — Flickr,, Wikipedia


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