Rooftop Hot Tub Cinema combines Hot Tubs with Good Movies

The famous English film director Alfred Hitchcock once said of what constitutes a movie, the phrase sounded like this: “Cinema is the hall and many seats to be filled.” But he would have been shocked if he could see how organized the movie in London at Hot Tub Cinema are now in most prestigious area of ​​the East End.

Hot Tub CinemaThis is a completely new, modern movie theater, watching a movie where the offer is not in a comfortable chair, and a warm water pool, and even on the roof of a tall building with stunning views of the capital.

Hot Tub Cinema - LondonThe idea to create such an unusual cinema Asher Karmen came when he pulled a white cloth in his garden, creating a sort of a “home theater” and giving it a projector, watched a movie with the provisions of lying in his bath when he realized how comfortable it is, that only so really you can get great pleasure from watching the film.

Hot Tub Cinema - LondonHere, on the roof of a skyscraper viewers do not get bored. The lukewarm water, waiting for the session, you can admire the night sky and the lights of the city, and during the session, you can have a beer or a glass of champagne, which creates a particularly jolly mood.

Hot Tub Cinema - LondonThe cost of such a laid-back view of 35 dollars, but the price may vary depending on the number of spectators in the same pool, the minimum is 6 people. Usually the number of tickets sold is limited, and before all of the film bath overflowing.

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