Bike-Monster on the Steam Engine

Bike with a steam engine – the invention of Dutch designers. Distinctive features of this bike is its original appearance, not outstanding speed and now pirate name. Bike Festival Bigtwin, who by custom is carried out in the Netherlands, presented a unique bike with the name “Black Pearl” from Revatu, which surprised the fact that It is based on the steam engine. The steam monster appeared at the booth under the flag with the image of the well-known Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Bike-monster on the steam engine

Photo Credit Marc Quinlivan

It is difficult to say that similar to a motorcycle with a sailing ship of the 17th century. The main similarity of these vehicles can be considered a black casing. From steam motorcycle modernity and breathes “smell” steampunk. Technical parameters of the “Black Pearl” are versatile enough. It is able to reach speeds of only 8 km / h. For example, normal human walking speed on average is about 4 to 5 km / h. The design of the bike, despite the fact that the driver’s seat and the rest of the control mechanisms put forward in the direction of the boiler, it is not safe. I hope to see this concept in a series remain.

“Black Pearl” is not so original in its own way. On the border of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the phenomenon of steam motorcycles were pleased common. And, importantly, their speed was much higher than their modern counterpart. But the level of danger is reduced as boilers overheated engines periodically and can explode due to pressure changes. The car is able to transform with the help of easy movement of the arm in two bike – a viable model and a great option for couples.

Bike-monster on the steam engineBike-monster on the steam engine Bike-monster on the steam engine Bike-monster on the steam engine Bike-monster on the steam engine Bike-monster on the steam engine Bike-monster on the steam engine Bike-monster on the steam engineSource —,

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