Shamekh Bluwi Fashion Sketches, illustrating with urban images

Shamekh Bluwi, an architect and fashion illustrator based in Amman, Jordan, creates beautiful paper cut-outs with women whose dresses become whatever you hold them up against. Besides being beautiful fashion drawings, they also seem like an excellent tool for coming up with inspiration for new fashion designs; simply hold up one of his drawings and see what sort of architectural lines, repeating patterns or images the women in his elegant cutouts would look good in.

SHAMEKH-BLUWI-06 SHAMEKH-BLUWI-05 SHAMEKH-BLUWI-04 SHAMEKH-BLUWI-03 SHAMEKH-BLUWI-02 Shamekh Bluwi Fashion sketches  illustrating with urban imagesSource — Boredpand, Designtaxi Instagram account.

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