Embroidered Tattoos By Eva-Krbdk

In Ankara, Turkey a genius Tattoo artist Eva Krbdk gain popularity day by day, He creates cross-stitch tattoos that look like a Embroidery on skin. The most impressive is that it does not require black lines to make the images stand out. It is impressive to see how he get the client idea and she does everything possible to make it happen and give it a unique style that really looks pretty good. Instagram

Embroidered Tattoos By Eva Krbdkembroidered-Tattoos-By-Eva-Krbdk-02 embroidered-Tattoos-By-Eva-Krbdk-03 embroidered-Tattoos-By-Eva-Krbdk-05 embroidered-Tattoos-By-Eva-Krbdk-04 embroidered-Tattoos-By-Eva-Krbdk-06 embroidered-Tattoos-By-Eva-Krbdk-07 Embroidered Tattoos By-Eva KrbdkEmbroidered Tattoos By-Eva Krbdkembroidered-Tattoos-By-Eva-Krbdk-10

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