The latest female trend on Instagram, Hairy Armpits

Its stunning, but the hairy armpits is the latest fashion trend among women in Instagram. Some even started to paint in the color of vegetation underarm hair on his head, caused a lot of admiration for what and the same criticism. Many women grow hair on the body in protest against the standards of beauty, cultured society. There are even photographers, such as Ben Hopper which create photo projects with the participation of “hairy” models.

Hairy armpits - the last female trend Instagram

Photo: pitangels

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-02Photo: pitangels

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-03Photo: ladypithair

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-04Photo: rachaelalpert

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-05Photo: pitangels

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-06Photo: pitangels

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-07Photo: ladypithair

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-08Photo: ladypithair

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-09Photo: ladypithairy

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-10Photo: naturalbeautyio

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-11Photo: pitangels

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-12Photo: jordanelizabethshelton

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-13Photo: agneskrown

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-14Photo: pitangels

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-15Photo: Natalie Valenzuela

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-16Photo: T

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-17Photo: ladypithair

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-18Photo: ladypithair

Hairy-Armpits-female-trend-Instagram-19Photo: howtohairgirl

The lastest female trend on Instagram, Hairy armpitsPhoto: ladypithair

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