Modern tattoo, A special kind of art

Tattoo is an ancient art form that originated many years ago. Over the years, the existence of civilization tattoo applied to the body for different purposes and for different purposes: as a protection against evil spirits, as a sacred rite for the distinction and initiation to the circle of the elect. I think many would agree that the tattoo in each of us is a concern. That’s just someone admires this kind of art, and some tattoo art and not call. Modern tattoos are very different from those that applied earlier. Indeed, figures, applied to the body, comparable with the works of artists and hit masterful performance and diversity. In modern times, there are many styles of tattoos , such as realism, cyber-punk, black, Japanese, point style, and many others. As we have understood each tattoo is unique, and diversity in the choice of tattoo is simply no limit. We invite you to view a selection of pictures of modern tattoos on the body .

Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-01Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-02Photo – SourceModern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-03 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-05 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-06 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-07 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-04 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-08 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-13Photo – Source

Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-12 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-11 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-10Photo – Source

Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-09 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-18 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-17 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-14 Modern-tattoo-3D-Tattoo-15

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