ComboPhoto by Stephen McMennamy

Stephen McMennamy is creative director at an advertising agency in Atlanta and in his personal work is a series of images called #ComboPhoto, these are to join two photos to play with scale and create an unexpected situation, such as a donut truck wheels or a backhoe that brings chocolate ice cream. You can view the entire collection in #ComoPhoto or   Tumblr  and  Instagram Stephen.

Stephen McMennamy-ComboPhoto-

combophoto's-Stephen-McMennamy-02 combophoto's-Stephen-McMennamy-03 combophoto's-Stephen-McMennamy-04 combophoto's-Stephen-McMennamy-05 combophoto's-Stephen-McMennamy-06 combophoto's-Stephen-McMennamy-07 combophoto's-Stephen-McMennamy-08 combophoto's-Stephen-McMennamy-09 combophoto's-Stephen-McMennamy-10 combophoto's-Stephen-McMennamy-11

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