World’s Fastest Motorbike | Dodge Tomahawk

The Viper-powered Dodge Tomahawk concept vehicle shatters all the barriers of conventional thinking about personal transportation. This four-wheel, single-passenger vehicle is a sleek, rolling sculpture that combines art-deco styling with extreme engineering. The World’s Fastest Motorcycle.


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The 500-horsepower Viper V-10 engine powering the dual rear wheels gives this radical vehicle a potential top speed of nearly 400 miles per hour – for anyone who wants to test it. The Tomahawk roared into public view at the North American International Auto Show.

Initial reaction to the concept vehicle typically comes in two words: ‘Wow’ and ‘why.’ If you want to see ‘why’ and feel the ‘wow’ check out the Tomahawk site and get ready to experience the extreme.

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One look at Tomahawk and it’s obvious that Dodge continues to drive its foot to the floor – most recently with the all-new 2003 Viper, Heavy Duty and Light Duty Rams and an SRT lineup dedicated to engineering the most powerful production vehicles in their segments.

That extreme thinking produced a machine in the true tradition of power-junkie passion, powered by a 505 cu. in., 8300 cc aluminum Viper V-10 engine.

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The Dodge Tomahawk is a Chrysler Group design concept that is as much a Viper-powered work of art as it is a whole new type of vehicle invention. It is both a sculpture that can be ridden, as well as a bold statement about the Chrysler Group’s enthusiast culture and passion for design.

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Dodge Tomahawk | World's Fastest Motorbike

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