Dynamic illustration by Valerie Susik

illustration meets interaction for the series of drawings created by russian illustrator valerie susik. By looking at photos of dogs on instagram, susik has caricatured their image on a notepad, delineating their facial features and furry mugs. The colorful pet portraits don’t merely express a static expression however — Each illustration playfully interacts with a human subject nearby. Hands placed around the drawing pad merge with the flat pencil art on the page, connecting the person and pup in various scenarios and situations — One animal’s floppy ears are swung backwards by a hairdryer; chopsticks bring a treat closer to a corgi’s wide-open mouth; A french bulldog poses for a photo snapped by a nearby camera phone. take a look below to see the full series of interactive illustrations.

Valerie Susik creates dynamic illustrationValerie-Susik-dynamic-illustration-02 Valerie-Susik-dynamic-illustration-03 Valerie-Susik-dynamic-illustration-04 Valerie-Susik-dynamic-illustration-05 Valerie-Susik-dynamic-illustration-06 Valerie-Susik-dynamic-illustration-07 Valerie-Susik-dynamic-illustration-12 Valerie-Susik-dynamic-illustration-11 Valerie-Susik-dynamic-illustration-10 Valerie-Susik-dynamic-illustration-09 Valerie Susik creates dynamic illustrationSource — DesignBoom

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