Celebrities The Same Age Photographs

We invite you to 25 photos, which show people born in the same year, but looking quite differently.

Sylvester Stallone and Tommy Lee Jones – 68 years

The Same Age Photographs of Celebrities

John Cho and Jean Dujardin – ’43

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph02Megan Fox and Rebel Wilson – 29 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph03Patrick Stewart and John Hurt – ’74

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph04Alan Rickman and Charles Dance – 68 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph05Eminem and Dwayne Johnson – ’43

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph06Scott Cohen and Sami Naseri – ’53

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph07Chuck Norris and Michael Gambon – ’74

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph08Matt Damon and Simon Pegg – 45 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph09DJ Kualls and Jensen Ackles – 37 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph10Crispin Glover and Ray Stevenson – ’51

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph11Eddie Murphy and Forest Whitaker – ’54

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph12Courtney Love and Monica Bellucci – 50 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph13Renee Zellweger and Jennifer Aniston – 46 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph14Reon Ivan and Danila Kozlovsky – 30 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph15Tobey Maguire and Kristian Nairn – 39 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph16Edward Norton and Gerard Butler – 46 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph17Lana Del Rey and Keira Knightley – 30 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph18Johnny Depp and Mikhail Efremov – ’51

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph19Carmen Electra and Cameron Diaz – ’42

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph20Frédéric Diefenthal and Daniel Craig – 46 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph21Brad Pitt and Dean Norris – ’51

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph22Adrian Paul and Hugh Laurie – 56 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph23Will Smith and Terry Crews – 46 years

Celebrities-The-Same-Age-Photograph24Dustin Hoffman and Joseph Kobzon – 77 years

Celebrities The Same Age Photographs

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