Windows Around the World by photographer André Vicente Goncalves

Windows are a vital part of any building – they help activate a space and bring it to life. Portuguese photographer André Vicente Goncalves pays tribute to this architectural element in his ongoing series called Windows of the World. In it, he documents a variety of colorful exteriors, sills, shutters, and shapes, grouping individual images into large grids according to their location.

Burano, Italy

Windows Around the World by photographer André Vicente GoncalvesThrough Goncalves’ project, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of unique facades. Some window frames are fairly standard as white rectangular shapes, but they punctuate gorgeous, repeat-pattern tiles. This makes a bold statement against the busy backgrounds. Other frames don bright colors and visually pop from the neutral bricks and stone. Whatever their style may be, it’s a fantastic way to marvel at the creativity of the everyday window.

Porto, Portugal

André-Vicente-Goncalves-Window-Photography-02 Lisbon, Portugal

André-Vicente-Goncalves-Window-Photography-03Lisbon, Portugal

André-Vicente-Goncalves-Window-Photography-04Ericeira, Portugal

André-Vicente-Goncalves-Window-Photography-05Albufeira, Portugal

André-Vicente-Goncalves-Window-Photography-06 Sesimbra, PortugalAndré-Vicente-Goncalves-Window-Photography-07The Alps

André-Vicente-Goncalves-Window-Photography-08Évora, Portugal

André-Vicente-Goncalves-Window-Photography-09Trento, Italy

André-Vicente-Goncalves-Window-Photography-10Évora, Portugal

Windows Around the World by photographer André Vicente GoncalvesSource  — André Vicente Goncalves,


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