The international language of smiles in the works of Ellen Barnes

Ellen was fortunate to get a head start from her parents—an ad executive and fashion illustrator who shared their passion for creativity. Receiving her first camera at age 11, Ellen discovered the unique connection it offered to the world around her. Eventually studying photography and advertising at Columbia College, she began working as a photojournalist in Chicago. After a few years, Ellen made the transition to fashion and relocated to Los Angeles where she built a successful business as a fashion and lifestyle photographer. But it was her love of the desert that brought her down-to-earth style to Phoenix, where she has been happily based ever since. Authenticity does make a difference as we relate to this ever changing, real-time world. And everyone has a story. What’s yours?

Ellen Banrs PhotographyEllen-Banrs-Photography-02 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-03 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-04 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-05 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-06 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-07 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-08 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-09 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-10 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-11 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-12 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-13 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-14 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-15 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-16 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-17 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-18 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-19 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-20 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-21 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-22 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-24 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-25 Ellen-Banrs-Photography-26 Ellen Barnes Smile PhotographySource — Ellenbarnesphotography

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