10 tallest buildings in Europe

As you know, the tallest buildings in Europe are not even in the top twenty global giants. So, the first European giant occupies in the world ranking only 26th place. It is noteworthy that the majority of Europe’s highest skyscrapers in the capital of Russia – Moscow. Which buildings are the top ten – read our review.

10th place

10 tallest buildings in Europe

Turkey. Istanbul. Sapphire Istanbul. Height: 261 m.

9th place

02 Triumph PalaceRussia. Moscow. Triumph Palace. Height: 264.3 m.

8th place

03 Naberezhnaya Tower CRussia. Moscow. Naberezhnaya Tower C. Height: 268.4 m.

7th place

04 Commerzbank TowerGermany. Frankfurt. Commerzbank Tower. Height: 300.1 m.

6th place

05 Tower Moskva complex Capital City Russia. Moscow. Tower “Moskva” complex “Capital City”. Height: 301.6 m.

5th place

06 Moscow. Steel PeakRussia. Moscow. “Steel Peak” (background middle). Height: 309 m.

4th place

07 London The ShardUK. London The Shard. Height: 309.6 m.

3rd place

08 Moscow. Mercury CityRussia. Moscow. “Mercury City”. Height: 339 m.

2nd place

09 South Tower of the complex OKORussia. Moscow. South Tower of the complex OKO (left). Height: 352 m.

1st place

10 Moscow. East Tower complex FederationRussia. Moscow. East Tower complex “Federation”. Height: 373 m.

Source — Supercoolpics

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