Submarine Steampunk, Amazing design of the pub

As  you know, steampunk – is the direction of science fiction, which simulates a civilization advanced mechanics and technology of steam engines. Steampunk design direction has a lot of fans, though not very widespread. Steampunk is a certain kind of fantasy, mysterious and alluring. It is based on the technology of the XIX century, cut off from reality and developed in an imaginary world. But that does not make it less interesting.

Submarine Steampunk - Interesting design of the pub

Design solutions stipmank often used to create a certain mood. Small cozy pub in the Romanian town of Cluj-Napoca can serve as a vivid example of a creative approach. It joined with the interior steampunk submarine, the interior of the pub is a submarine, including all parts and devices, which can be found on a conventional submarine: control panels, periscopes, pipes, visible screw metal doors, torpedoes, radar.

The pub is decorated in the industrial Steampunk with all the features inherent in this style. Specifically, the designers managed to create a very unique atmosphere, which no doubt many will like.

Steampunk_Submarine_03 Steampunk_Submarine_04 Steampunk_Submarine_05 Steampunk_Submarine_06 Steampunk_Submarine_07 Steampunk_Submarine_08 Steampunk_Submarine_09 Steampunk_Submarine_10 Steampunk_Submarine_11 Steampunk_Submarine_13 Steampunk_Submarine_14 Steampunk_Submarine_15 Submarine Steampunk - Interesting design of the pubSource —

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