Ed Gordeev and Rainy Cityscapes

Ed Gordeev and Rainy Cityscapes, the beautiful lights reflection of the city in rainy nights in each droplet that flows from the windows; and from the puddles on the ground. The shots are look like paintings but there is something very beautiful about a rainy day and Ed captures this enthralling beauty in these photographs of cityscapes (which I believe are of Ukraine, although some are from places like Barcelona too).

Ed Gordeev and Rainy CityscapesEduardGordeev01 EduardGordeev02 EduardGordeev03 EduardGordeev04 EduardGordeev05 EduardGordeev06 EduardGordeev07 EduardGordeev08 EduardGordeev09 EduardGordeev10 EduardGordeev11 EduardGordeev12 EduardGordeev13 EduardGordeev14 EduardGordeev15Source — 500px


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