History in Color

In 1970s, pictures were painted by hand, which required certain skills of drawing. With the introduction of computers appeared digital painting. Technology accelerated the process, but it is still time-consuming. Hooked colorists, as a rule, guided by historical guide to authentic as possible to paint pictures, but sometimes they act at random. These colored pictures give us an opportunity to look at the past in bright colors. The source images: the project “History in color” (ColorizedHistory) on Reddit . [Color of past]

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, photographer Alexander Gardner, February 1865

History-in-Color-01 History-in-Color-02 Photo Source: zuzahin

The bout boxing aboard the USS New York, July 3, 1899

History-in-Color-03 History-in-Color-04Photo Source:  Urban2487

“Princess Ivona and Prince Alexander” (Philip Sayn-Wittgenstein (13) and Henry Alexander Sayn-Wittgenstein (12) on a yacht near Mallorca)

History-in-Color-05 History-in-Color-06Photo Source:  Bennity

Native American Ojibwa fishing, Minnesota, 1908

History-in-Color-07 History-in-Color-08Photo Source: Captain-Cliche

Adolf Hitler and Mussolini, and Joachim von Ribbentrop, the Nazi Party at a rally, 1930

History-in-Color-09 History-in-Color-10Photo Source: Captain-Cliche

Soldiers in masks peel onions. Tobruk, October 15, 1941

History-in-Color-11 History-in-Color-12Photo Source: Captain-Cliche

Captain Walter “Waddy” Young and his team replicate a caricature of themselves posing next to a bomber B-29 “Superfortress”, November 24, 1944 (all of them were killed Jan. 9, 1945)

History-in-Color-13 History-in-Color-14Photo Source: Captain-Cliche

British tattoo artist George Burchett, nicknamed “King of the tattooists’, about 1930

History-in-Color-15 History-in-Color-16Photo Source: klassixx

Staff at the post office to show off their brand new scooters «Autopeds», Washington, 1917

History-in-Color-17 History-in-Color-18Photo Source: ExtraNoise

African-American jazz singer Sarah Vaughan 1946

History-in-Color-19 History-in-Color-20Photo Source: Captain-Cliche

Joe Lincoln, champion for the production of baits (probably for hunting ducks) from New England, 1926

History-in-Color-21 History-in-Color-22Photo Source: photojacker

These carts used to transport artillery requisitioned during the American Civil War. Virginia around 1865

History-in-Color-23 History-in-Color-24Photo Source: zuzahin

A fragment of life. Mom helps the child to climb on the cart on Broadway in New York City, July 1913

History-in-Color-25 History-in-Color-26Photo Source: mygrapefruit

The dark-skinned man drinks water from a cooler labeled “Color” in the tram terminal in Oklahoma City, July 1939

History-in-Color-27 History-in-Color-28Photo Source: Captain-Cliche

The young John F. Kennedy immediately after graduating from Harvard University, the summer of 1940

History-in-Color-29 History-in-Color-30Photo Source: Captain-Cliche

Times Square, D-Day 1944

History-in-Color-31History-in-Color-32Photo Source: Captain-Cliche

The assault on Iwo Jima in February 1945

History-in-Color-33 History-in-Color-34Photo Source: Dynamichrome

Children look like their area bombing in Minsk, Belarus. Bombing was part of “Operation Barbarossa”. June 1941

History-in-Color-35 History-in-Color-36Photo Source: Captain-Cliche

Stalin and Churchill at the Livadia Palace in Yalta Conference in February 1945

History-in-Color-37 History-in-Color-38Photo Source: zuzahin

Louis Armstrong and his wife Lucille near the Sphinx, 28 January 1961

History-in-Color-39 History-in-Color-40Photo source: Chopshop


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