The Oto Cycles Electro Bikes

Born from the passion for classic and retro design of an engineers family based in Barcelona, the Oto Cycles Electro Bikes are strongly inspired by the retro design of motorcycles from the 50s. Made by hand – you will not find two identical cycles – Oto Cycles therefore offer an extensive customization of colors, tires, saddles, motor, battery and other components that will ensure the exclusivity of every cycles.

the Oto Cycles Electro BikesOtocycles-Electro-Bikes1-650_02Available in two motorized versions (250 W/500W electric motor), the Oto Cycles Electro Bikes can reach a speed of about 22 miles/h (35 km/h) for an autonomy of 30 to 44 miles (50 to 70 km) thanks to its Samsung NCM Cells batteries. According to the manufacturer, these batteries are said to reach full charge in just 4 hours and have a life cycle of more than 1500 cycles. The Oto Cycles incorporates a PAS (Pedal Assistance Systems), a half twist grip throttle, a 5 levels LCD display and cyclocomputer, a Shimano Revoshift 6V gear-shifting system, and even the Start and Go technology that allows you to kick your bike from 0-6 km/h without having to pedal.

The Oto Cycles are available in 210 colors and can be customized in up to 44,100 color combinations! Last but not least, if the reason why you already own a bike is to save the planet, you will be happy to know that Oto Cycles are registered as vehicle manufacturer and complies with all current regulations for electric bicycles; all bikes have undergone comprehensive checks and are certified by Applus.

The price? For about € 2,850 you can be the proud owner of a unique and unconventional electric bicycle with a nice vintage touch. And handmade in Barcelona. You can start customizing your own model on To stay in touch & get all updates from Oto Cycles, follow their official facebook page or twitter. [Text Source]

Otocycles-Electro-Bikes1-650_03 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes1-650_04 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes1-650_05 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes1-650_06 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes1-650_07 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes1-650_10 Otocycles-Electro-Bikes1-650_11Source  —


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