Food Art by Martin Roller

German photographer Martin Roller has created a fun series of portraits in which common foods are expertly styled to represent other easily recognizable objects. For example, a pair of bananas becomes a pair of shoes, a strategically peeled orange is turned into a world globe, a plate of spaghetti is shaped like a gun with the sauce representing the subsequent blood.

Martin-Roller-Food-Art-01Martin-Roller-Food-Art-03 Martin-Roller-Food-Art-02 Martin-Roller-Food-Art-04 Martin-Roller-Food-Art-05 Martin-Roller-Food-Art-06 Martin-Roller-Food-Art-07 Martin-Roller-Food-Art-08 Martin-Roller-Food-Art-09 Martin-Roller-Food-Art-10 Martin-Roller-Food-Art-11 Martin Roller Food ArtSource — Laughing Squid, dailycrawler

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