Kyocera the world’s largest floating solar power plant

After the catastrophic events at the NPP “Fukushima-1” in 2011, the Government of Japan to engage seriously looking for alternative ways to generate energy. In this regard, the country has been steadily increasing the number of stations operating by solar, wind, ocean waves. Interestingly enough, the country is implementing a program for obtaining an energy source from the sun. Since Japan is incredibly high land prices, stations are located on the water surface reservoirs. One such project just successfully completed a Kyocera corporation, which occupies a leading position in the production and industrial use of alternative solar energy, together with Century Tokyo Leasing.


They built the world’s largest plant for water (consisting of nine thousand solar panels, each the size of 1h1.7 m) capacity of 2.3 MW. The company is located on the surface of the pond Sakasamaike in Hyogo Prefecture. By the way, the choice of water bodies to accommodate the plants caused not only by the high cost of land, but also a number of other factors: firstly, the water provides natural cooling panels, and secondly, according to the developers, the shadow of the floating platforms help reduce the growth of algae in local waters and at the same time reduce the level of fumes. By the end of this year, Kyocera will build a set of similar facilities throughout Japan. Their combined capacity will be approximately 60 MW.

Kyocera-the-world's-largest-floating-solar-power-plant-02 Kyocera-the-world's-largest-floating-solar-power-plant-03 Kyocera the world's largest floating solar power plant on the waterSource —


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  1. Floating Solar Power Systems are wonderful Ideas. And it’s very important to maintain effectively same direction and position on the water for floating solar plants. Because directional change of solar panels reduces electricity production. So floating solar plants also need the directional control mooring systems for their parked positions. Azimuth and position change of floating solar plants caused by wind, waves and external forces. Restoring Force Strengthened Mooring System for floating solar plants has been created in South Korea. This Mooring System generates Restoring Force immediately when floating solar plants are being rotated or moved on the water.

    In addition, you have to reduce vibration to install floating solar plants. Because, it can make micro-cracks to floating solar panels and the durability problem of floating solar plants. The risk of power loss in PV modules due to micro cracks is increasing.

    Vibrations caused by wind, waves and external forces. New Type Floating Body Stabilizer has been created in South Korea. The Floating Body Stabilizers generate drag force immediately when floating solar plants are being rolled, pitched and yawed on the water.

    Recently, Restoring Force Strengthened Mooring Systems and Floating Body Stabilizers have been used for floating solar plants in South Korea.

    You can see them in Ochang Dam, South Korea. I N I WORLD

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