The women of the oldest profession in different times in different countries of the world

Women who provide “special services” for the money there since ancient times. We offer a look at how this phenomenon was transformed over time in different countries.
The women of the oldest profession in different times in different countries of the world The women of the oldest profession in different times in different countries of the world Ying-chi (“the camp of harlots”) in ancient China became the first confused in the public service. Emperor Wu hired them to accompany soldiers during campaigns.

The-women-of-the-oldest-profession-in-different-times-in-different-countries-of-the-world-03In ancient Rome and ancient Greece, there was a class of temple priestesses. Customers pay a certain amount, and the temple had sex with you like a girl.

The-women-of-the-oldest-profession-in-different-times-in-different-countries-of-the-world-04 Devadasi officially existed in India before the end of the XX century, but unofficially there are now. Parents brought the girls to the temples of the goddess Yelamme and put up for auction their virginity. The girl gave to the highest bidder. However, even today, if a woman decides to stop being a Devadasi and want to start a new life, married, she never will.

The-women-of-the-oldest-profession-in-different-times-in-different-countries-of-the-world-05 In preparation for World War II, the Japanese military recruiting women to work in “comfort centers”. They did not say that the work is a daily service dozen Japanese soldiers. According to the documents, more than 200 000 women were almost in sexual slavery. Only a third of them were able to survive this.

The-women-of-the-oldest-profession-in-different-times-in-different-countries-of-the-world-06 Auletrides in ancient Greece called a special class prostitutes, who danced well, they knew how to fence, juggle, play musical instruments and have provided sexual services at a very high level.

The-women-of-the-oldest-profession-in-different-times-in-different-countries-of-the-world-07Ganiki – Indian variation of the Japanese geisha. It was believed that the night of ganikoy – is not only very nice, but the man and brings good luck. To become ganikoy, she had to learn 64 kinds of arts. The-women-of-the-oldest-profession-in-different-times-in-different-countries-of-the-world-08 In Athens, intimate services were provided legally. Elite courtesans were Thais – slave or free woman whose parents were not residents of the city.

The-women-of-the-oldest-profession-in-different-times-in-different-countries-of-the-world-09 Tavaif called prostitutes in northern India in the XVIII-XX centuries. They knew the music, beautifully danced, were adept at sex. If tavaif found himself a rich patron, she could save and condition. If tavaif daughter was born, she was transferred “profession” of the mother.

The women of the oldest profession in different times in different countries of the worldTo get around the Koran prohibited love for money, Muslims come into Muta – marriage stipulated amount of time, such as a few hours. The couple enters into a contract, wherein the duration of the marriage, as well as the amount you get for the woman of his end. It is fair to say that the mutation is also used if the young people want to live together and get to know each other before the start wedlock.

Source — fototelegraf


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