Photo manipulation and surrealism by Christophe Kiciak

The fame of this French photographer Christophe Kiciak came pretty quickly. Judge for yourself, reversing four years he did not even think about the work of the photographer. And later, after his visit to this idea and everything began to turn as in a kaleidoscope.

Photo manipulation by Christophe Kiciak

In the words of Christophe Kiciak, He lives in it and a lover of clear science and creative person.For both it was not boring, and they are not wasted time, Christoph decided to take photos in June far of 2009. So there was a hobby, eventually developed into a main profession. Creator is a self-taught, and draws inspiration from the world around us, not forgetting about employees who can always show something new and original. Christophe create completely mystical work, as the main thing – to achieve this goal.

Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-02 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-03 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-04 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-05 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-06 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-07 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-08 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-09 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-10 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-11 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-12 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-13 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-14 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-15 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-16 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-17 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-18 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-19 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-20 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-21 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-22 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-23 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-24 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-25 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-26 Christophe-Kiciak-Photo-manipulation-27Source  — Flickr | Deviantart


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