The Adorable Friendship Between a Swimmer and Her Duckling

This girl swimmer Loren and Fuzzy Duckling. The focus of the photographer Juan Osorio He made a series of photographs “Swimming Team” of their improbable friendship. Juan—who published the full series over on his 500px account—calls Swimming Team, “a tale of a girl, a duckling, a swimming team and an incredible and unexpected friendship.” Captured entirely on-camera without any Photoshop trickery, Juan says these two are actually friends and actually swim together… now if that doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will. Scroll down to see the rest of the adorable series.

The Adorable Friendship Between a Swimmer & Her DucklingThe-Adorable-Friendship-Between-A-Swimmer-And-Her-Duckling-02 The-Adorable-Friendship-Between-A-Swimmer-And-Her-Duckling-03 The-Adorable-Friendship-Between-A-Swimmer-And-Her-Duckling-04 The-Adorable-Friendship-Between-A-Swimmer-And-Her-Duckling-05 The-Adorable-Friendship-Between-A-Swimmer-And-Her-Duckling-06 The-Adorable-Friendship-Between-A-Swimmer-And-Her-Duckling-07 The Adorable Friendship Between a Swimmer & Her DucklingSource — Omnifeed | iso.500px

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