What does the length of your fingers say about you?

Another discovery of modern scientists encourages us to learn a little bit about yourself (or at least say you could tell the creators of this “test” anything truthful about us), just by looking at the ring finger of his left hand. It is said that the length of the finger is directly proportional to the amount of testosterone that we received while in the womb. Let’s see what we can learn about a person by his fingers.

The fingers of the left hand say lot of about a personSo, put your left hand on the table and look closely at the ring and index finger, then locate the picture the option that suits you. And now look at the results…..What the length of your index finger says about you?


The-fingers-can-tell-a-lot-about-a-person-02People whose ring finger longer than index, has charm and charisma, they are confident in themselves and their abilities, good with people, flirt, socialize and surrounding pleased to meet you in return.

Risk – your style, and it usually pays off, because your faith in our strength goes hand in hand with a sober assessment of the possibilities. One might even say that in the conduct of affairs and business inherent in your aggressive style, but that you have it is justified.

Perhaps you can help, such information: for people with a long ring finger are most suitable professions related to military service, active sales and the management of people.


The-fingers-can-tell-a-lot-about-a-person-03You are confident and find a way out of any situation – it is for you, if your finger is longer anonymous.Yes, you were born to lead others. It does not always right, but it means that people see in you the determination and willingness to help them, they look at you when looking for the answer to your question.

You can always pointing others in the right direction. If you do not like, then you go against his nature.

When choosing a profession, you should pay attention to the following areas: writing books on personal growth, psychology; policy or teaching.


The-fingers-can-tell-a-lot-about-a-person-04Have you noticed that many people like to share with you a secret, even if you do not know them very close? It is often the case with those who have the index and ring fingers of the same length.

You – a very good listener and give the impression of a balanced and harmonious personality. Most often you listen more than talk, but if you say – it is always on the merits, weighing every word.

You are peaceful and compassionate, and experts recommend you to pay attention to such areas as medicine, social work and psychiatry.

Well, you have something to coincide? You thought that the portrait described by the length of your fingers, resembles you?

Source — Dailymail & Healthylifetricks


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